The Directed Reading Program (DRP) pairs undergraduate students with graduate student mentors for semester-long independent study projects.

Requirements: The student is expected to meet with his or her mentor weekly for about an hour, during which time they talk about the previous week's work. About four hours of independent reading is expected from the student between each meeting. At the end of the semester, the student gives a brief talk on an aspect of his or her work.

To apply, click on the "Apply" tab above. Applicants will be paired with mentors based on mathematical interests and availability. After the pairing is made, the student and mentor decide together on their topic for the semester. You do not need to have a specific project in mind to apply, but if you'd like some ideas, click on the "Project Ideas" tab. You can also email us!

The DRP is based on similar programs at UChicago, Rutgers, and UConn.

If you have any questions, please email