Fall 2023

Erin Hopper, "Modeling Biological Sequence Alignment" (mentor: Valerie Wray)
Joseph Heavner, "Modular Forms & Their Applications" (mentor: Emilio Dominguez)
May Piatt, "The H-Cobordism Theorem and its Applications" (mentor: Keith Mills)
Cheng-Yuan Lee, "Spectral Graph Theory" (mentor: Prakhar Gupta)
Siddhant Mittal, "Unraveling Stochastic Processes: From Basics to the Black-Scholes Theorem" (mentor: Brooke Weston)
Rowan Weiss, "An Introduction to Computability Theory and the Halting Problem" (mentor: Connor Lockhart)
Michael Belluscio, "Classification of Dynamical Systems with Entropy" (mentor: Spencer Durham)
Alejandro Escoto, "Geometric Flows" (mentor: Vlassis Mastrantonis)
Hung Anh Vu, "Unveiling the magic of Denoising Diffusion Probabilistic Models" (mentor: Ke Chen)

Spring 2023

Brooke Guo, "The Isoperimetric Inequality: From Antiquity to Steiner" (mentor: Vlassis Mastrantonis)
Jacob Lin, "Grobner Basis and Division of Multivariate Polynomials" (mentor: Yu-Chi Hou)
Koray Bailey, "An Overview of Grover's Search Algorithm and Random Walks" (mentor: Junaid Aftab)
Andy Pavlosky, "A Sweep of Computational Geometry" (mentor: Max Springer)
Kevin Flanary, "The Geometry of Riemann Surfaces and the Riemann Hurwitz Theorem" (mentor: Sam Bachhuber)
David Song, "Introduction to Options, Arbitrage, and the Black-Scholes Equation" (mentor: Arpith Shanbhag)
Robert Sargent, "The Banach-Tarski Paradox" (mentor: Connor Lockhart)
Neil Shah, "Understanding a Spin 1/2 Particle in a Magnetic Field through Representation Theory and Lie Algebra" (mentor: Jackson Hopper)
Sarah Hwang, "Rudin's Proof of the Stone-Weierstrass Theorem" (mentor: Vasanth Pidaparthy)
Avi Kedia, "Topologies on Finite Sets" (mentor: Keith Mills)
Nowrin Nuzhat, "Categorical Proof of Cayley's Theorem" (mentor: Shin Eui Song)

Fall 2022

Robert Sargent, "Intro to Geometric Algebra" (mentor: Prakhar Gupta)
Ryan Khan, "Exploring Mathematical Finance with a Focus on The Black-Scholes Formula" (mentor: Melanka Wedige)
Kevin Flanary, "Foundational Mathematics of Quantum Error Correction" (mentor: Ian Teixeira)
Henry Denson, "Morse Theory" (mentor: Sze Hong Kwong)
Ezra Aylaian, "Integration on Manifolds and the de Rham Cohomology" (mentor: Geoffrey Sangston)
Matthew Cimerola, "Neural Networks and Their Applications" (mentor: Junaid Aftab)
Alejandro Escoto, "On the de Rham Cohomology" (mentor: Vlasios Mastrantonis)

Spring 2022

Zachary Gurwitz, "Why does 19^41 end in 19?" (mentor: Keith Mills)
Victoria Shumakovich, "Unconstrained Optimization" (mentor: Zhirui Li)
Eric O'Leary, "Classification of Surfaces" (mentor: Jay Desai)
Tianyu You, "Decoupling of Spin Error" (mentor: Kwong Sze Hong)
Adam Melrod, "An Ultraproduct Proof of the Compactness Theorem" (mentor: )
John Brownfield, "Consequences of Hilbert's Nullstellensatz" (mentor: Nicholas Hiebert-White)
Matthew Simmons, "Banach-Tarski Paradox and Tarski's Circle-Squaring Problem" (mentor: )
Daniel Schug, "Image Processing: Linear Filtering,Variational Techniques, and More" (mentor: Lucas Bouck)
Abdulrahman Alenazi, "On Mahler's 2D conjecture" (mentor: Vlasios Mastrantonis)
Changbin Ko, "Numerics for Data Science" (mentor: Rachel Lee)
Karthik Sellakumaran Latha, "Root Systems and Weyl Groups" (mentor: Arghya Sadhukhan)
Xueyi An, "Ramanujan Graph: Connection between Linear Algebra and Graph Theory" (mentor: Shin Eui Song)
Chenhongshu Yu, "Quantum Computation of Shor'sAlgorithm in Cryptography" (mentor: Jackson Hopper)

Fall 2021

Joshua Liu, "Elliptic Curves" (mentor: Foivos Chnaras)
Marisa Cofie, "Distributions and Their Application to PDEs" (mentor: Prakhar Gupta)
Neelam Akula, "Investigating Repeating Decimals" (mentor: Alexander Suarez-Beard)
Cole Saborio, "Restricted Boltzmann Machines:statistical physics for machine learning" (mentor: Stavros Papathanasiou)
David Fang, "Algebraic Groups and Chevalley's Theorem" (mentor: Shin Eui Song)
Darsh Shah, "Dirichlet's Unit Theorem" (mentor: Jackson Hopper)
Xinyue Li, "Introduction to Graph Theory" (mentor: Arghya Sadhukhan)
Karthik Sellakumaran Latha, "Symmetric Groups and Schur-Weyl Duality" (mentor: Chengze Duan)
Jeffrey Zhang, "Markov Chains and Ergodic Convergence" (mentor: Zhirui Li)
Turner McLaurin, "Category Theory and Universal Constructions" (mentor: Keith Mills)
Sophia Hu, "Applications of Linear Algebra in Data Science:SVDs and Recommender Systems" (mentor: Lucas Bouck)

Spring 2021

Marie Brodsky, "Games and Nash Equilibria" (mentor: Brandon Gontmacher)
Ryan Tse, "Universal Bundles" (mentor: Keith Mills)
Aryan Kaul, "The Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem" (mentor: Vlassis Mastrantonis)
Andrew Craun, "Linear Statistical Models with R: Modeling Teenage Gambling Expenditures" (mentor: Pei Zhang)

Sophia Chen, "Furstenberg's Proof of the Infinitude of Primes" (mentor: Kwong Sze Hong)
Zongxia Li, "Neural Networks and their Applications" (mentor: Eric Oden)
Abdulrahman Alenazi, "The Remarkable Theorem of Gauss" (mentor: Prakhar Gupta)
Jackson Reynolds, "Geometry of Root Systems" (mentor: Arghya Sadhukhan)

Fall 2019

Yashas Lokesh, "Exploring Coxeter Groups" (mentor: Dani Kaufman)
Siddarth Balaji, Riemann Sphere and Schottky Transformations (mentor: Keith Mills)
Kat Georgantas, "Transformations in Hyperbolic Space" (mentor: Zachary Greenberg)
Bryce Toole, "Percolation and Epidemic Modeling on Networks" (mentor: Brandon Alexander)
Yunmeng Wu, "Persistent Homology" (mentor: Laura Iosip)
Ares Shackleford, "Data Assimilation" (mentor: Brooke Herzog)
Jiahui Luo, "Modeling the Stock Price of Facebook using Stochastic Calculus" (mentor: Ayushi Saxena)
Steven Jin, "Elliptic Curves over Finite Fields" (mentor: Professor Lawrence Washington)
Luke Roepe, "Projective Space: How Cameras See the World" (mentor: Jerry McDermott)
Matthew Firth, "Hidden Markov Models: Applications to Computer Vision and Speech Recognition" (mentor: Stavros Papathanasiou)
Rohit Krishnagopal, "Bayesian Games" (mentor: Blake Fritz)
Kyle Reese, "The Classification of Semisimple Lie Algebras" (mentor: Arghya Sadhukhan)

Spring 2019

Steven Jin, "Riemann's Inequality for Algebraic Curves and its Consequences" (mentor: Professor Amin Gholampour)
Troy Cary, "Generative Adversarial Networks" (mentor: Chenzhi Zhao)
Samuel Howard, "Error-Correcting Codes" (mentor: Tahseen Rabbani)

Zifan Yu, "Markov Chains and Random Walks" (mentor: Pranava Jayanti)
Matthew Chung, "A Sampling of Wavelet Theory" (mentor: Jerry Emidih)
Nicholas Hiebert-White, "An Introduction to Schemes" (mentor: Patrick Daniels)
Kusal De Alwis, "Rotations in 3D Using Geometric Algebra" (mentor: Laura Iosip)
Joseph Cleary, "Special Case of Fermat's Last Theorem" (mentor: Shin Eui Song)
Siddarth Taneja, "A Little Lie (Theory) Never Hurt Anyone" (mentor: Arghya Sadhukhan)
Shu-Huai Lin, "Erdős Distance Problem on the Plane" (mentor: Jacky Chong)
Henry Meade, "Neural Nets: Theory and Implementation" (mentor: Shahnawaz Khalid)
Leonard Unger, "Holes, Homology, and Fixed Point Theorems" (mentor: Yiannis Markakis)

Fall 2018

Teddy Hersey, "Fourier Analysis and Sound" (mentor: Dani Kaufman)
Jiateng Wang, "Stochastic Calculus" (mentor: Pratima Hebbar)
Nicholas Hiebert-White, "Bezout's Theorem and Applications" (mentor: Yiannis Markakis)
Meghana Doddapaneni, "Elliptic Curve Cryptography" (mentor: Steven Reich)
Nicholas Falcon, "How to Use Support Vector Machines" (mentor: Catherine Schwartz)
Ifeanyi Iyke-Azubogu, "Elliptic Curves and their Applications" (mentor: Arghya Sadhukhan)
Lanqi Fei, "Construction of Qp with Two Approaches" (mentor: Shin Eui Song)
Aaron Benda, "A Topological Proof of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra" (mentor: Zachary Greenberg)
John Freal, "Application of Fourier Series to PDEs" (mentor: Keagan Callis)
Nathan Hayes, "Groups of Rotations in 3 Dimensions" (mentor: Jacky Chong)

Summer 2018

Tenzin Sonam, "Elementary Topological Properties of Rp" (mentor: Ishfaaq Imtiyas)
Zachary Star, "Using Residue Theory to Evaluate Infinite Sums" (mentor: Keagan Callis)
Alexander Davydov, "Computability Theory and Big Numbers" (mentor: David Bekkerman)
Adheep Joseph, "Exploring Transcendental Extensions" (mentor: Jordan Hirsh)
Alexander Brunmayr, "The Ising Lattice Spin Model" (mentors: Nick Paskal and Stephen Sorokanich)

Spring 2018

Marc Eichenwald, "Introduction to Group Theory via Rubik's Cubes" (mentor: Dani Kaufman)
Andrew Miller, "Computing Real Integrals using Complex Analysis" (mentor: Allan Yashinski)
Elizabeth O'Callaghan, "Big Graphs and Menger's Theorem" (mentor: Zachary Greenberg)
Douglas Post, "Understanding Spaces with a Case Study in the Banach-Mazur Game" (mentor: Kevin Quigley)
Brandon Kwintner, "The Cauchy Integral Formula" (mentor: Noah Chrein)
Evan McIntire, "Expander Families and Cayley Graphs" (mentor: Arghya Sadhukhan)
Deena Postol, "Sums of Distinct Squares" (mentor: Steve Balady)
Rahul Reddy, "Network Flows and Cuts" (mentor: Laura Iosip)
Thomas Bishop, "Quantifier Elimination over Algebraically Closed Fields" (mentor: Danul Gunatilleka)
Nina Jacobsen, "Wavelets and Image Processing Applications" (mentor: Mark Magsino)
Tyler Hoffman, "Immersions, Embeddings, and the Klein Bottle" (mentor: Jacky Chong)
Matthew Watson, "The Pohlig-Hellman Algorithm" (mentor: Phil Wertheimer)
Rachel Kim, "Gaussian Integers and Sums of Squares" (mentor: Allan Yashinski)
Scott Stanich, "Ergodic Theory and Weyl's Theorem" (mentor: Kasun Fernando)
Ganesh Chandrasekaran, "An Information-theoretic Analysis of Neural Signals" (mentor: Jesse Milzman)
Hunter Dement, "Model Theory and the Compactness Theorem" (mentor: Douglas Ulrich)

Fall 2017

Ryan Synk, "General Relativity and Differential Forms" (mentor: Stephen Sorokanich)
Jared Ronning, "The Prime Number Theorem and Dirichlet's Theorem on Primes in Arithmetic Progressions" (mentor: Sam Bloom)
Matt Kukla, "Bertrand's Postulate" (mentor: Steve Balady)
John Nolan, "The Fundamental Group" (mentor: Dani Kaufman)
Tianchu Xie, "Neural Networks and Optimization" (mentor: Micah Goldblum)
Junran Yang, "Konig’s Theorem About Vertex Cover and Matchings" (mentor: Zachary Greenberg)
Ajeet Gary, "Understanding the Generalized Stokes' Theorem with Differential Forms" (mentor: Ryan Kirk)
Linden Yuan, "Ergodic Theory and an Application to Number Theory" (mentor: Kasun Fernando)
Emmanuel Benyam, "Modular Arithmetic and Applications to Primality Testing" (mentor: Nathan Dykas)
Xinyang Li, "The Fundamental Group" (mentor: Douglas Ulrich)
Sujith Vishwajith, "Reinforcement Learning and Applications" (mentor: Jerry Emidih)
Christopher Pilotte, "Lights Out Puzzle" (mentor: Charles Daly)
Shivam Agrawal, "Training A Neural Network to Recognize Digits" (mentor: Nathaniel Monson)
Sinikiwe Gurupira, "Chaos and Bifurcations" (mentor: JT Rustad)
Kevin Gima, "Quantum Teleportation or Not" (mentor: David Bekkerman)
Vlada Dementyeva, "Graph Theory" (mentor: Danul Gunillateka)

Summer 2017

Xuejing Wang, "Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Its Application in Grouping Facebook Users Using Labels Extracted from User-Generated Images" (mentor: Lijuan Cao)
Jon Bozzonetti, "Continuity and Connectedness" (mentor: Steve Balady)
Jared Ronning, "The Compactness Theorem" (mentor: Douglas Ulrich)
Daniel Lay, "Dimension and Measure Theory" (mentor: JT Rustad)

Spring 2017

Luke Bender, "Markov Chain Hitting Times" (mentor: Phil Wertheimer)
Alejandro Diaz, "Hamiltonian Mechanics and Symplectic Geometry" (mentor: Matt Dellatorre)
Shravan Sanjiv, "Mathematics of Classification Algorithms" (mentor: Franck Njeunje)
Adam Anderson, "Deep Generative Models for Natural Images" (mentor: Matt Whiteway)
Patrick Shan, "Linear and Dynamic Programming" (mentor: Weikun Wang)
Kevin Braga, "Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems and Chaos" (mentor: JT Rustad)
Joshua Twitty, "Approaches to Building a Recommender System" (mentor: Sean Ballentine and Ryan Hunter)
Andrea Zou, "Comparing Properties of Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries" (mentor: Corry Bedwell)
Maxim Novak, "The Mordell-Weil Theorem" (mentor: Adam Lizzi)
Ajeet Gary, "Making Sense of Special Relativity" (mentor: J-P Burelle)
Robert Presley, "Golomb's Necklace" (mentor: Steven Reich)
Suteerth Vishnu, "An Introduction to Elliptical Curve Cryptography" (mentor: S. Gilles)
Beixuan Jia, "Two cryptographic ciphers: RSA and Vigenere" (mentor: Liam Fowl)
Kevin Wittmer, "Turing Instabilities and Biological Pattern Formation" (mentor: Stephen Sorokanich)
Alexander Brassel, "Applications of the Blossom Algorithm for Maximal Matching" (mentor: Zachary Greenberg)
Kyle Reese, "Can a countable set contain uncountably many elements? A look into Skolem's paradox" (mentor: Danul Gunatilleka)
Hannah Horng, "Visualizing algebraic curves in projective space" (mentor: Dani Kaufman)
William Golding, "Complex Analysis on Operators" (mentor: Sam Punshon-Smith)
Diane Tchuindjo, "Three Proofs of the Infinity of Primes" (mentor: Ariella Kirsch)

Fall 2016

Diane Tchuindjo, "An Inquiry into Eulerian and Hamiltonian Cycles" (mentor: Zachary Greenberg)
Eric Sim, "Ofurtbeitititilz and Other Procedurally Generated Worlds" (mentor: David Bekkerman)
Sarah Eshera, "The Axiom of Regularity" (mentor: Douglas Ulrich)
Melanie Abel, "Sums of Two Squares" (mentor: Steve Balady)
Maxim Novak, "Quadratic Residues and Gauss’s Lemma" (mentor: Adam Lizzi)
Yotam Yaniv, "An Introduction to the Mandelbrot Set" (mentor: Dani Kaufman)
Edward Nusinovich, "Convex Optimization and Applications" (mentor: Alex Estes)
Siddhartha Harmalkar, "Taylor-Couette Flow" (mentor: Stephen Sorokanich)
Adam Anderson, "Introduction to Neural Networks for Image Classification" (mentor: Matt Whiteway)
Andrew Natarian, "Coding Theory: Optimal Error Detection in Binary" (mentor: Sean Ballentine)
Luxi Huang, "Heronian Triangles in the Gaussian Integers" (mentor: Jesse Milzman)
Pavani Rannulu, "The Groebner Basis" (mentor: Weikun Wang)
Xinyang Li, "The RSA Algorithm" (mentor: Phil Wertheimer)

Summer 2016

Zonglin Tian, "Shannon's Information Theory" (mentor: Stephen Gilles)
Victor Gonzalez, "Fractals and Mobius Transformations" (mentor: Ryan Kirk)
Kevin Wittmer, "Voronoi Diagrams: Fortune's Algorithm and Applications" (mentor: Rob Maschal)

Spring 2016

Emily Camardo, "An Algorithm for Factoring with Quantum Computers" (mentor: Phil Wertheimer)
Ankur Patel, "Ito's Formula: a Variation of the Chain Rule" (mentor: Pratima Hebbar)
Alexa Tsintolas, "Solving Disentanglement Puzzles with Hints from Topology" (mentor: Dani Kaufman)
Ramkesh Renganathan, "Neural Networks and Deep Learning" (mentor: Franck Ndjakou Njeunje)
Adam Anderson, "Limit Fractals of Kleinian Groups" (mentor: JP Burelle)
William Golding, "Weak Solutions to Partial Differential Equations" (mentor: Stefan Doboszczak)
Christopher Osterman, "A Philosophical Enquiry of ZFC" (mentor: Mark Magsino)
Victor Gonzalez, "Hyperbolic Geometry" (mentor: Ryan Kirk)
Hunter Johnson, "Counting in Two Ways" (mentor: Zachary Greenberg)
Aaron George, "Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems" (mentor: Douglas Ulrich)
Anthony Richardson, "e is Irrational" (mentor: Steve Balady)
Liam Fowl, "Higher Order Homotopy Groups and Postnikov Towers" (mentor: Nathaniel Monson)
Giovanni Fevola, "Primality Testing" (mentor: Rebecca Black)
Ruozhu Li (mentor: Adam Lizzi)
Guillaume Toujas (mentor: Sean Ballentine)
Clara Bryant, "Graph Algorithms and Their Applications in Maze Solving" (mentor: Matias G Delgadino)

Fall 2015

Jaspreet Kaur, "The power of nets" (mentor: Corry Bedwell)
Adam Anderson, "Using the random iteration algorithm to create fractals" (mentor: Kasun Fernando)
Madelyne Ventura, "Differential geometry: curvature, maps, and pizza" (mentor: Jean-Philippe Burelle)
Jiansong Chen, "Approach of linear regression to machine learning" (mentor: Cheng Jie)
John Padgett, "The music of group theory" (mentor: Jerry Emidih)
Wil Parsons, "Linear recurring sequences" (mentor: Nathan Dykas)

Victor Gonzalez, "A group theoretic approach to the helicopter cube" (mentor: Steven Reich)
Anthony Richardson, "Cantor's first uncountability proof" (mentor: Steve Balady)
Ankur Patel, "Return to the origin in simple symmetric random walks" (mentor: Micah Goldblum)
George Ge, "Characteristics of planar graphs" (mentor: Zachary Greenberg)
Luke Corcos, "One dimensional quantum mechanics: the free particle" (mentor: Jacky Chong)
Kaman Phamdo, "Coding theory" (mentor: Sean Ballentine)
Alexa Tsintolas, "How to beat a small child at dots and boxes" (mentor: Robert Maschal)
Liam Fowl, "Hilbert's Nullstellensatz and algebraic curves" (mentor: Nathaniel Monson)
Xinyue Liu, "Neural network and its applications" (mentor: Alex Estes)

Summer 2015

Suyang Xu, "Ranking Methods" (mentor: Steve Balady)
Liban Mohamed, "The Heat Equation: Fourier Series and Finite Difference Methods" (mentor: Stefan Doboszczak)
Samantha Suplee, "Thinking Mathematically" (mentor: Elizabeth Fleming)
Ankur Patel, "Generalized Linear Models and Their Applications" (mentor: Matt Whiteway)
Rajath Shetty, "Ito Calculus" (mentor: Zhenfu Wang)
Xinyue Liu, "Using Classification Trees to Decide News Popularity" (mentor: Xia (Summer) Hu)
Geri Dunellari, "Number Theory" (mentor: Tim Mercure)
Youcef Moumena, "Van der Waerden's Theorem: Where topology, dynamics, and number theory meet" (mentor: Patrick Daniels)
Colin Emberland, "Signal Processing with the Fourier and Haar Transform" (mentor: Sam Punshon-Smith)
Ephraim Rothschild, "Neural Networks and Machine Learning" (mentor: Oliver Rourke)

Spring 2015

Jin Wu, "Chaos and the Horseshoe Map" (mentor: JT Rustad)
Yufan Fei, "Introduction to Brownian Motion" (mentor: Mickey Salins)
David Finder, "Homeomorphism and Topological Properties" (mentor: Steve Balady)
Henry Addison Euhus, "Using Queueing Theory and Simulation to Optimise Emergency Department" (mentor: Summer (Xia) Hu)
Liam Fowl, "Matrix Groups: Understanding SO(3) in terms of rotations" (mentor: Ryan Hunter))
Miles David Miller-Dickson, "The Riemann Tensor and the Curvature of Space" (mentor: Jon Cohen)
Xinyue Liu, "Can we determine whether an email is spam?" (mentor: Mike Kreisel)
Rouzhen Ma, "The Lotka-Volterra Model" (mentor: Stephanie Young)
Nate Fulton, "Relating N ± 1 to the Primality of N" (mentor: Adam Lizzi)
Christopher Yeager, "Stochastic Differential Equations: When Calculus Fails" (mentor: Scott Smith)
Zev Kaplowitz, "Differential Forms" (mentor: Danul Gunatilleka)

Fall 2014

Ryan Mazurick, "Time Integration Schemes for the 1D Heat Equation" (mentor: Andrew Brandon)
Ike Uchenna Chukwu, "Cohomology of an Annulus" (mentor: Ryan Hunter)
Shu Zhu, "Option Pricing Using Fast Fourier Transform" (mentor: Andreas Roy)
Liam Fowl, "The Fundamental Group and Seifert-van Kampen Theorem" (mentor: Nathaniel Monson)
Anurupa Bhonsale, "Optimal Control and Applications to Biomedical Problems" (mentor: Jim Greene)
Chinedum, "Fibonacci Numbers" (mentor: Sean Ballentine)
Samuel Cunningham, "Continuity in Topology" (mentor: Steve Balady)
Becky Vanarsdall, "The Classical Construction Problem and Constructable Numbers" (mentor: Jonathan Fernandes)

Summer 2014

Rajath Shetty, "Sard's Theorem and Gravitational Lensing" (mentor: Dan Zollers)
Rebecca Hsu, "The Riemann Mapping Theorem and Uses of Conformal Mapping" (mentor: Minsung Kim)
Cooper Strickland, "Five Comments on the Five Lemma" (mentor: Tim Mercure)
Liam Fowl, "Understanding the Prime Number Theorem" (mentor: Nathaniel Monson)
Stephen Semick, "Perceptrons, and Other Methods Perfect for Our Linear World" (mentor: Oliver Rourke)
Nathan Feldman, "Social Networks and Graph Theory" (mentor: Sean Ballentine)
Guoqing Wang, "Fourier Transforms of Tempered Distributions" (mentor: Jacky Chong)
Niko Schultz, "The Glue Function: An Example of How Mathematicians Think" (mentor: Steve Balady)

Spring 2014

Sohan Vartak, "The Stress-Energy Tensor in Special Relativity" (mentor: Son Lam Ho)
Hasan Touma, "The Mathematics of the Rubik's Cube" (mentor: Ryan Kirk)
Daniel Mourad, "Skolem's 'Paradox'" (mentor: Tim Mercure)
Neil Shah and James Kazmierczak, "Making It Rain with Machine Learning" (mentors: David Darmon and Chae Clark)
Meghana Raja, "Residues and the Basel Problem" (mentor: James Murphy)
Connor Davis, "The Robinson-Schensted Algorithm" (mentor: Adam Lizzi)
William (Brady) Gunnarsson, "Applications of the Laplace Transform in ODE and Modeling DC Circuits" (mentor: Stefan Doboszczak)
Jordan Misra, "The Statistical Mechanics of Money: Modeling Savings and Debt" (mentor: Joshua Schneider)
Mike Houser, "Wave Equations" (mentor: Jim Greene)
Addison Euhus, "An Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification" (mentor: Edward Phillips)
Michael Roberts, "Matrix Groups" (mentor: Jonathan Fernandes)
Olivier Millogo, "Exploring the Golden Ratio" (mentor: Ariella Kirsch)

Fall 2013

Lee Antlefinger-Norton, "A Closer Look at Riemann Integration" (mentor: Jacky Chong)
James Chen, "Derivative-free Optimization by Simulated Annealing" (mentor: Virginia Forstall)
Connor Davis, "Picard's Theorems" (mentor: Jon Cohen)
Henry Addison Euhus, "Data Mining and Machine Learning" (mentor: Dan Weinberg)
Nathan Ng, "A Remarkable Fact About Gauss Curvature" (mentor: Rob Maschal)
Martin Buck, "Differential Equations on Fractals" (mentor: Matt Begué)
Lauren Fox, "Markov Chains and the Erogodic Theorem" (mentor: Mark Magsino)
Stephen Semick, "Basic Deblurring of Medical Images" (mentor: Victoria Taroudaki)
Daniel Sun, "Cayley's Theorem: An Invitation to Group Theory" (mentor: Ryan Kirk)
Michael Roberts, "Isometries of Euclidean Space" (mentor: Jonathan Fernandes)
Akira Horiguchi, "Large-Time Behavior of Finite Markov Chains" (mentor: Zsolt Pajor-Gyulai)
Carlos Garcia, "Not Another First-Order Talk: Logic and the Ax-Grothendieck Theorem" (mentor: Sam Bloom)
Anthony McMannis, "Visualizing Spacetime" (mentor: Jean-Philippe Burelle)
Anton Yang, "Lines of Best Fit" (mentor: Mickey Salins)
Mohamad Qadri, "Topology and Geometries on Surfaces" (mentor: Ryan Hunter)

Summer 2013

Joseph Downs, "Control Theory: Feedback and the Pole-Shifting Theorem" (mentor: Edward Phillips)
Lee Antlefinger-Norton, "The Baire Category Theorem" (mentor: James Murphy)
Arpan Bhattacharyya, "Lie Algebras to Root Systems" (mentor: Jon Cohen)
Micah Goldblum, "Geodesics on the Torus" (mentor: Steve Balady)
Michael Roberts, "Some Results from the Classical Theory of Recursion" (mentor: Tim Mercure)
Rebecca Hsu, "Proof of Larman, Rogers and Seidel Theorem" (mentor: Wei-hsuan Yu)
Rahul Gogna, "Applications of Sard's Theorem in Electrostatics" (mentor: Dan Zollers)
Rosemary Smith, "Order Statistics of Random Variables" (mentor: Sean Ballentine)

Spring 2013

Arpan Bhattacharyya, "Rubik's Cube Via Group Theory" (mentor: Srimathy Srinivasan)
Tim Zulf, "Polynomial Interpolation" (mentor: Steve Balady)
Alex Kandell, "Markov Chain Monte Carlo Estimation of Seismic Attenuation" (mentor: Tyler Drombowsky)
Tolga Keskinoglu, "Concepts in Calculus" (mentor: Jon Cohen)
Addison Euhus, "Options Pricing and Black-Scholes" (mentor: Zsolt Pajor Gyulai)
Michael Roberts, "Nonstandard Arithmetic" (mentor: Mickey Salins)
Kaela MacNeil, "Geometric Constructions of Farey Sequences" (mentor: Sean Ballentine)
Alex Youcis, "Modular Forms and Elliptic Curves" (mentor: Adam Lizzi)
Ilse Haim, "The AKS Primality Test" (mentor: Jon Huang)
Mike Haskel, "L^p Spaces: An Introduction" (mentor: James Murphy)
Carlos Garcia, "Seifert-van Kampen Theorem" (mentor: Gokhan Civan)
Jordan Misra, "A Little Better than Average(s): An Investigation of Nate Silver's Election Prediction Methodology" (mentor: David Darmon)
Alissa Stafford, "Compressive Sensing and Applications" (mentor: Alex Cloninger)
Daniel Smith, "Solutions of Equations by Iteration" (mentor: Edward Phillips)
Mohamad Qadri, "Calculus of Variations and the Brachistochrone Problem" (mentor: Ryan Hunter)
Jun Chu, "Approximating the Black-Scholes Price of an American Put Option" (mentor: Dan Weinberg)

Fall 2012

Savid Sharan, "Singular Value Decomposition and Image Compression" (mentor: Sean Ballentine)
Mike Haskel, "Introduction to Homology" (mentor: James Murphy)
Kyle O'Hehir, "Mathematical Finance," Bryant Angelos
Peter Mariani, "Integral Asymptotics and the Stirling Series" (mentor: Mickey Salins)
Jonathan Franck, "Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction" (mentor: Alex Cloninger)
Lianjun Li, "The Transportation Problem" (mentor: Gokhan Civan)
Chandan Kittur, "Hamiltonian Celestial Dynamics" (mentor: Ariel Hafftka)
Jun Chu, "Gillespie Algorithm of Epidemiology" (mentor: Daniel Weinberg)
Keith Paarporn, "Lebesgue Integration for Signal Processing" (mentor: Matt Guay)
Zeyad Emam, "How Leibniz Squared the Circle" (mentor: Elizabeth Fleming)
Carlos Garcia, "Geometry of Numbers" (mentor: Jon Cohen)
Arpan Bhattacharyya, "Hyperbinary Representations and the Calkin-Wilf Tree" (mentor: Rebecca Black)
Hoyoung Kang, "The Chinese Remainder Theorem" (mentor: Adam Lizzi)
Alex Sherman, "The Classification Theorem for Compact Surfaces" (mentor: Domingo Ruiz)
Ivan Melyakov, "First Order Logic and Definability" (mentor: Mike Kreisel)

Summer 2012

Eddie Lister, "Gauss Sums and Quadratic Reciprocity" (mentor: Jonathan Cohen)
Alex Kandell, "A Muliple Scales Approximation to the Korteweg-deVries Equation" (mentor: Chunting Lu)
Ian Magee, "A Return to Calculus" (mentor: Steve Balady)
Andrew Golczynski, "Manifolds and Whitney's Embedding Theorem" (mentor: Jonathan Fernandes)
Anastasiya Belyaeva, "Monte Carlo Methods and Applications" (mentor: Virginia Forstall)
Stephanie Elgart, "The Hairy Ball Theorem" (mentor: James Murphy)
Moming Li, "Spherical Two-Distance Sets" (mentor: Wei-hsuan Yu)
Douglas Ulrich, "A Nice Infinitary Logic" (mentor: Tim Mercure)
Yingquan Li, "Introducting Support Vector Machines for Classification Problems" mentor: Greg Laun)
Jonathan Franck, "SVM, PCA, and Neural Networks in Machine Learning" (mentor: Alex Cloninger)

Spring 2012

Rohan Bale, "Lorenz Attractors" (mentor: Rodrigo Trevino)
Sneha Patel, "Rational Points on Elliptic Curves" (mentor: Dave Karpuk)
Elizabeth Fleming, "The Axiom of Choice in the Measure Problem" (mentor: Christian Sykes)
Ishmael Opong, "An Introduction to the Lorenz Equations" (mentor: James Greene)
Mike Haskel, "Types in Formal Logic" (mentor: Richard Rast)
Alex Sherman, "Irrationality and Transcendence" (mentor: Adam Lizzi)
Brendan Good, "When Curves Collide" (mentor: Rebecca Black)
Saraloys Leroy, "Elements of Complex Numbers" (mentor: Jon Cohen)
Stephanie Barcomb, "Comparison of Time-Marching Methods" (mentor: Edward Phillips)
Huixian Yin, "RSA Public Key Cryptography" (mentor: Jeremy Bradford)
Di Zheng, "The Central Limit Theorem: Proof and Application" (mentor: Dan Weinberg)
Keith Paarporn, "Wavelet Transforms and Image Processing" (mentor: Matt Guay)
Connor Davis, "Properties of Musical Scales" (mentor: Maxx Cho)
Akira Horiguchi, "The Gamma Function and Analytical Continuation" (mentor: Jon Fernandes)
Max Mulitz, "Hypothesis Testing in Sports" (mentor: Bryant Angelos)
Theodore Brennan, "The Poincare Dodecahedral Space" (mentor: Mike Kreisel)

Fall 2011

Joel Pruitt (mentor: Scott Schmieding)
Darwin Romero (mentor: Bryant Angelos)
Douglas Ulrich (mentor: Richard Rast)
Rohan Bhall (mentor: Rodrigo Trevino)
Kalkidan Lebeta (mentor: Wei-hsuan Yu)
Alicia Stafford (mentor: Lucia Simonelli)
Sean Murphy (mentor: Dave Shaw)
Eisha Nathan (mentor: Dave Karpuk)
Logan Crew (mentor: Jonathan Cohen)
Jada Johnson (mentor: Mickey Salins)
Michael Thomas (mentor: Kanna Nakamura)
Guillaume Cheron (mentor: Tim Mercure)