Are you interested in starting a Directed Reading Program at your university? That's awesome! Here's some stuff that might help.

First, we should point you to the DRP Network which has many resources for starting a DRP and links to other programs across the country. They also have funding available to help start new programs.

You're more than welcome to provide your students and mentors with a link to our Past Projects for ideas. We're lucky to have a large and very diverse department, so there is a wide range of pure and applied mathematics talks listed there.

Making forms is always a pain, but Google's made things a lot easier. Here's a link to the documents we used in the Spring 2015 DRP. The forms are editable, so please make a copy before using them yourself: Shared Templates 2015

Also, Stephen Balady wrote a blog post detailing some of the logistics that was learned in the first four years of the Maryland DRP.

If you have any questions or comments, please email us: